2021 Tournament Payout
TOURNAMENT SYSTEM (Based on 40 Teams)

1st Place: $5,000 (Guaranteed)
2nd Place: $2,500
3rd Place: $1,000
4th Place: $750
5th Place: $500
6th Place: $400
7th Place: $400
8th Place: $400


1st Place: 25 Points
2nd Place: 18 Points
3rd Place: 15 Points
4th Place: 12 Points
5th Place: 10 Points
6th Place: 8 Points
7th Place: 6 Points
8th Place: 4 Points
9th Place: 2 Points
10th Place: 1 Point
Big Fish Bonus: 1 Point

1. Fish all three events.
2. Highest finish looking at all three events.
3. Highest finish in final event.
4. Biggest fish of all three events.

The Top 15 Teams based on points (see below) will qualify for the 2021 SRC Championship.

Points will be awarded to the Top Ten finishers in each event. (See Above Points System)

At the end of the year, the qualifying teams will earn an invitation to the 2021 SRC Championship in December 2021.

To accumulate points teams must remain intact in at least 2 of the regular tour events. (Example: A + B fish together and A also fishes with C. This would constitute two teams – AB and AC – even though one of the members is the same. So, Team AB could accumulate points and Team AC could accumulate points, but Angler A would not be able to combine points from both team’s efforts.

Any questions or concerns about this qualifying should be discussed with Brad White (SRC Tournament Director). 

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